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Call of Invest - The Gamification-App for Gen Z, teaching Financial Education & Stock trading.

Teaching the Gen Z stock investing was never easier.

The topic of finance and investment knowledge plays a major role in the later lives of many students, but unfortunately, financial education is only taught in schools voluntarily. The somewhat dusty "stock market simulation game" of the german “Sparkassen” was, therefore, to be reworked in a simple and easily accessible way with playful elements via the app. The result was "Call of Invest" - the new gamification app for pupils on the subject of financial education and investment knowledge.

Ideation & Pitch

In November 2019 we participated as Team Techforce at the Symbioticon, the hackathon of the Sparkassen cash group, in Hamburg. Under the motto #beyondtomorrow we developed ideas for the financial world together with 22 national and international teams within two days. We were given the investment track from the five topics retail banking, business banking, insurance, investment, and real estate. We won with our idea, the contemporary and mobile interpretation of the Planspiel Börse, a simulated stockbroking with gamification character.

Design Sprint & Pilot

The next step after the Symbioticon was a design sprint together with representatives of Deka and the Sparkassen Innovation Hub in which we developed UX wireframes based on paper prototypes. After the design sprint, we created UI designs as well as an iOS prototype.

We implemented some AR Features in the app which the user can unlock during the game by using an action card that we created to make the game more fun. By using the freeze action card the user can block another game player. To unlock the account the blocked player has to answer a quiz question or take a frozen selfie.

Testing on 30 iPhones

To get feedback from Gen Z we visited together with the support of the Sparkassen Innovation Hub three schools.

After installing our iOS App on 30 iPhones, the app was ready to test.

To make the gaming experience even more individual, we´ve built a configurator in which users can design their own avatars. There are many different hairstyles, face expressions, outfits, and accessories to choose from. In the game itself, it is possible to win and unlock new items for the avatar using

You want to know more ?

We’re the Team behind this Project. If you have any questions or you want to book us feel free to contact us!

Johannes Zimmer
Creative Lead
Lukas Schardt
Technical Lead
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