Innovation Bingo

A fun way to increase engagement at talks.

Keep it fun

We all know this feeling. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to a presentation attentively over a long period of time. A fun solution to the problem is “Innovation Bingo”. It encourages the audience to listen to talks carefully while keeping it fun and lighthearted.

How it works

Innovation Bingo works just like the commonly known bingo. However, instead of numbers, players are presented with keywords. In order to find all the keywords and thus win the game, a player must follow a presentation attentively. The experience is accompanied by fun animations and the thrill of finding the right buzzwords in time.  

The admin dashboard allows crew members or presenters to start new rounds, create lists of challenging keywords and unlock keywords in real time.

Down below you can see the game in the works at the Beiersdorf innovation summit 2022.

You want to know more ?

We’re the Team behind this Project. If you have any questions or you want to book us feel free to contact us!

Johannes - Co-founder and design lead
Johannes Zimmer
Creative Lead
Lukas - Co-founder and technical lead
Lukas Schardt
Technical Lead
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