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Discover our fresh, enthusiastic website and immerse yourself in the world of film in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

MOIN Film Funding passionately supports emerging talent and promotes diversity, social, and environmental sustainability goals. With an open and transparent organizational structure, we closely collaborate with local associations to strengthen film culture in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Our commitment extends to working with cinemas, festivals, and documentary collections, fostering a shared enthusiasm for the medium of film. The newly developed website reflects our lively and accessible approach in collaboration with the MOIN team.

Moving Images North

On our website, we've seamlessly integrated MOIN Film Funding's mission - "Moving Images North." MOIN financially support projects that excel in content and innovation, with a distinct connection to Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein throughout the cinematic journey. The platform, characterized by its lively design, offers insights into the diverse film culture of the region. "Moving Images North" on our website is not just a creative hub but also a statement for revitalizing and promoting cinematic art in the north.

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Technical Lead
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