Inspiring talks, fun & Bingo

Yes our focus is to design and develop lovable products. But you also have to network, spread your ideas and bring great people together.

Behind our design and coding skills are some entertaining and innovative formats. Let's take a deeper look at our “kreativer Abend” our “Hack a Bingo” Shows and our “Bingotalk Concept”

ein kreativer Abend

Together with Ole Hellwig we are hosting... Talks about design and creativity - music, good drinks and nice people. The creative evening provides insights into projects and working methods. It offers the opportunity to be inspired, to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.

On our "ein kreativer Abend" we brought the current dance collective on stage. While Suse talked about how aesthetic body movement can influence design, we placed some dancers from the current dance collective in the audience. They started dancing during the lecture.

The Bingo Sessions

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we developed a bingo web app. With this app we were able to host some bingo shows in music clubs and help them earn money by selling the bingo tickets. After a few shows, we were asked to perform at remote events for Sparkassen innovation Hub and DEKA Investment Bank. That's how our "Business Bingo" format was born. In these sessions, we bring together conversations about innovation and bingofun. Cause you know - it makes sense.

We are constantly developing our Bingo App to bring a better Joy of Use to the Audience. Now we are also able to play bingo with our app with an live audience. If you are planning a conference or some other event and are searching for some fun. Than ask us. It´s never to late for Bingo.